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Mar 12, 2012

Passionate about paper

Not only do I like to draw & paint on all sorts of paper, I am also obsessed with wallpaper.

This stems back to childhood trips to London, where every inch of the walls of The Fountain room at Fortnum & Masons and The Ritz were covered in rich pattern and pictures.

Like the Prince Regent, Chinoiserie has always been a firm favourite and no one does it as well as De Gourney and Fromental.

Thanks to the digital age we can replicate a wealth of colours and intricate patterns at a fraction of the time and cost. It in no way diminishes the power of  hand painted and embroidered silk papers.

For example I have recently hung this John Lewis paper, which looks fabulous, reflecting golden light all around the room. A real nod to the golden silks of the Ming Dynasty.

John Lewis

De Gournay

So I get quite a few requests to hang wallpaper by friends and family and I never refuse… here are a few


But my favourite room in the house to go mad with bold prints is definitely the smallest room. Cloak rooms can take a busy design, just be brave! We decided not to fight the grey suite in this one and got a paper to go with it.