Jun 15, 2015

Murals or Canvas

Childrens World map painted on canvas, with detailed animals illustrationsHand painted wardrobe in childs room full of favourite charaters like Thomas the Tank & Bob the Builder

If you are looking for some wall art or a mural for your childrens nursery a canvas can be a good way to start. Any size or design can be hand painted to complement your home decor.

You can play around with where to place it and take it with you if you move. It is an especially good choice if you are renting.

A mural can be small and quiet…a little mouse and mousehole in the corner or a whole themed room that totally transports you into another dimension.

I say the bolder the better..well of course I would! Obviously budget will play a role in your final choice but just because a canvas may be smaller than painting a whole wall, don’t be tricked into thinking less time will be spent on it. A high quality canvas must be stretched & primed before work even begins & you must transport it at the end. You also have to let the paint dry & the canvas rest. When painting a room you can benefit from the space; whilst waiting for an area to dry you can go work on another wall. Murals can also be painted over doors, radiators & furniture.

It can be more exciting to reveal a finished canvas; depending on how much contact you have during the process, you get a real “wow’ unveiling. Not to say a room doesn’t have that “wow’ factor, indeed it does but the client usually gets to sees it moving on everyday.

All wall art whether hanging or painted directly onto the wall gives immeasurable pleasure to the viewer old & young. Commissioning artwork allows you to have as much involvement as possible, be part of the process and the final artwork.

I hope you feel confident creating one of a kind rooms & decor for your home.

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